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Introducing our Animal Crossing Sanrio X amiibo cards - ACNL

ACNL Sanrio X amiibo cards

acnl sanrio amiibo cards

With the huge popularity of our zelda amiibo cards we started growing out to different amiibo cards. We started creating super smash bros. then went onto splatoon, even onto animal crossing things were going quite good. Then ACNL Sanrio x hello kitty amiibo cards came out. They were only available for a short time and only if you purchased them online, now these cards sold out like hot cakes, seriously. Even to this day they are out of print and are showing the sign of coming back.

Due to all of this drama we decided to create our very own custom made Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo cards! hell yeah, our inbox was full, people wanted these cards they didn't really care how they got they, they just wanted them. You see you might not be aware but some people are mad for animal crossing, seriously obsessed and I can see why it's a great game, my wife is hooked. Im personally more into blowing stuff up and killing monsters.... it's still fun when im on the train though. 

Anyhow I digress, people are obsessed with the in game furniture and with the sanrio amiibo cards this was the only way to get 6 sets of furniture. Hurry Nintendo you have gain locked items behind an item you have to purchase, well played... you just sent the price of these amiibo cards through the roof. Well I did not like this at all, I had already purchased the ACNL sanrio amiibo cards online when they came out so decided why not make copies? why not clone the artwork make people think they have the real deal, well of course tell them they are custom... but yeah im sure you get what I mean here. Some people did think they were real, seriously they thought I was selling £200 cards for £14.99 with free postage worldwide, they must have thought i had been drinking hippie juice.

Well let me tell you this the whole thing blew up and people have been getting hold of my custom made sanrio cards for some time. Only problem is that people of course have cloned my clones and are trying to sell them on. Ugh, I do hope you didn't fall sucker to these fakes, the paper tacky amiibo cards that are printed poorly so poorly you might as well have done it yourself. If you want the good stuff then check out my acnl sanrio x amiibo cards ship worldwide on all orders too!

We do hope you enjoy our custom made sanrio amiibo cards!

Kind regards, 

Custom Zelda amiibo cards

Check out these custom zelda amiibo cards

Hello and welcome to my site. I am the creator of zelda amiibo cards. I have been making these cards for a while now and they have proven to be quite popular umongst TLOZ Breath of the wild fans, especially those who are falling victim to scalper prices.

The main issue we had was that Nintendo released a limited supply of amiibo toys, due to this limited supply people bought them out, fast, really fast. To the point where you could travel half way around the country and only find one in over 20 stores. I always ask the same question to this day what on earth was Nintendo thinking, why did they only release a small supply of amiibo if you really needed the toys to unlock in game items. Thus the creation of zelda amiibo cards!

zelda amiibo cards

What are amiibo cards

Now if you are sat there thinking what on earth are amiibo cards, then I would really be asking the question where have you been for the past 2 years! we have been making these cards for 2 years! we just celebrated our 2nd anniversary. All I can assume is you are new to amiibo cards, don't worry I will explain to you what our Zelda amiibo cards are and what they do.

In an ideal world we would all be able to purchase the Zelda amiibo without a problem, we wouldn't have tons of neckbeards lined up grabbing crate fulls of the stuff to sell them on, to feed their vaping addiction. Yeah, an ideal world, but this isn't an ideal world. We have people queuing up for everything these days, seriously I mean everything even toilet roll. 

So because of this I decided to create zelda amiibo cards. At first they were pretty much amateur. Basic artwork printed on a piece of paper. Heck I used to cut them with scissors and round them off, oh how times have changed..

So How did we get to where we are today!

Let's wind back two years. We got our zelda amiibo and we cloned them onto our very own chips, great it worked! we could make our amiibo portable and trade them with friends. But writing on them seemed primitive let's make something unique, I know let's make some zelda the breath of the wild amiibo cards. It started off with an old printer and some paper.... a week later and we were trading them with friends. 

This was where it all started 100's of "paper" amiibo cards were being passed around people were unlock the in game character they wanted. The only issue was we needed to make them better more professional. At first it started with card, a guillotine and a corner cutter. We were there our amiibo cards were now made from card and shaped like a playing card like the pokemon cards you might be familiar with.

A few months passed and our zelda amiibo cards were hugely popular but we knew there was room for improvement. 4 printers later and testing out 100's of different types of paper we came up with the perfect end product! our cards are now made out of high resolution card and printed on thick stock to ensure a thick sturdy playing card. This is now where we are today we now sell premium the legend of zelda botw amiibo cards! not just that we also sell storage tins to protect those cards, we have become a one stop shop for amiibo cards!

I do hope you enjoy our custom made zelda amiibo cards and if you do why not share them with friends, we enjoy creating them and enjoy the kind words you guys and girls send us! 

kind regards,

Zelda amiibo cards.

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Hello, let me be the first to welcome you to our Zelda Amiibo cards website. Here we are going to be showing you our collection of amiibo cards. Why? Because why not, this has become a great hobby for us and we want the world to know! We will be showing some the neet purchases we have come by and the custom designs that are on our cards. So if you are interested in zelda amiibo cards, or perhaps any amiibo card for that matter, then why not check out our site!

I will be updating the site over the next few days, so please bare with me whilst everything is setup! 

Much love Admin..